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Water Facts
Edmonton Water Experts - Water Facts 1

At Edmonton Water Experts, water is our business. We bring our expertise and experience to every task we provide to homeowners across the city and take that task seriously. We also like to ensure that our clientele is informed, from the benefits that RO water provides to bringing the best water filter installation. We also like to bring more information on water itself, either for your residential use, or just in general, to keep the conversation flowing like clear water.

Roughly 1%

Most of us are already aware that the Earth’s surface is 70% water, but did you know, that out of that collection, only around 1% of it is actually drinkable? From ocean water, to icebergs, frozen water at the North and South Pole, there isn’t that much in terms of potable water. Which makes the importance of caring for the water we do have access to all the more apparent. Whether looking for well water treatment for your groundwater source or hard water treatment for that which comes out of the tap, you can make the most of this limited resource.

A Million Miles

Throughout Canada alone, there is over a million miles of piping and various water delivery systems in place to bring us the water we use on a daily basis. From that, we use 3,600 litres worth of water just to grow the food a family of four consumes. Throughout the various travels your water much go through in order to reach your kitchen tap, there can be any number of additives, minerals and other such affectations that need to be treated before reaching you, giving more weight to the notion that proper water filtration systems are key to your home.

One Drip at a Time

Even with the right treatment in place, ensuring that your method of delivery when it comes to water is reliable is important. A single drip to your faucet can result in a loss of over 138 litres of water a year, meaning that you have money literally falling down the drain the longer an issue of this nature goes untreated. Even with the right water filtration systems in place, ensuring that you’re protecting your property from loss of water in this regard is key to keeping your costs low and the reliability of your taps in the best working order.

Bottled Water Edmonton Trusts

Due to the relatively lax amount of regulation on bottled water, the water out of bottles is almost always less safe for consumption, while being 2000 times as expensive. You don't actually know what you are getting in your bottled water, but having the best water filtration system Edmonton has to offer connected to your taps can be a lot more convenient and a lot better for you. There’s a subconscious connection between price and value, yet the water you get out of a bottle is in almost all cases, the poorer choice when looking to keep yourself hydrated throughout the night and day.