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Hard water, osmosis water, well water and more can provide a series of negative impacts on your Edmonton area property and having the right water filtration systems Edmonton has to offer can deliver the purity and clarity of water you’re looking for. Choosing to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the range of choice you’re looking for, the best water softener system and more to ensure that you have access to the best water.

About Us

Edmonton Water Experts has been in the business of bringing water softener installation, hard water treatment and the best reverse osmosis system in the city in order to ensure that homeowners across the Edmonton area have the capability to enjoy their water with all the benefits that come with. Whether you’re looking for an initial inspection of your current water status or need a solution to the issues that are presented within your property, choosing to reach out to our experts will provide you with the range of options you need in order to come up with a lasting solution.


    Our Services

    We provide a full range of services to homes across the Edmonton area, ranging from the initial water testing to water treatment options, the installation of a water filtration system and more. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as water softener salt or a complete home water system Edmonton area properties depend on, making the choice to reach out to our experts will bring you the quality results you’re looking for and the affordability necessary to make the call in confidence. If you need to depend on the water within your home, you need our professionals in your corner.

    Edmonton Water Experts - Reverse Osmosis System 2
    Reverse Osmosis System

    In our food, our drinks and even our water, we are becoming inundated with additional sodium making its way into our bodies. This can have adverse effects in high doses, ranging from high blood pressure to an increased risk of heart failure. When looking for the best reverse osmosis system for your home, choosing to reach out to the experts at Edmonton Water Experts will provide you the quality installation you need at a low cost.

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    Water Softener System

    The heavy metals within well water and other sources of hard water can have a lasting effect on rust prone surfaces, your dishes and even your skin. Having the capability to effectively treat these issues with the best water softener system available will ensure that you can use your taps in confidence. Turning to our professionals for a water softener installation will ensure that you have the highest quality equipment delivered to your home.

    “After searching for an Edmonton water softener company, I came across Edmonton Water Experts. From the moment they picked up the phone, they were ready to get to work. I had a full range of systems to choose from and their installation service was fast, and the cost was right.” – Shelly H.

    Edmonton Water Experts - Chlorine Removal System 2
    Chlorine Removal System

    We have trusted the use of chlorine to assist in the elimination of bacteria within our drinking water, yet the capability to completely remove this additive from our water is difficult. This means that the water leading into your home can still have residual traces of chlorine within it and having the right water filtration system in place will ensure that you can use your various water sources in confidence, knowing that it is safe and clear.

    Edmonton Water Experts - Benefits 2

    There are a variety of benefits to having the water within your home properly treated. Whether you’re looking for quality water testing Edmonton has available in order to completely understand the current state of your home water system or are already aware of an issue and looking for the best water filter for your home, choosing to reach out to our professionals will provide you with the knowledge and capability you’re looking for.

    “I was looking to have an in-line water softener installed and called around to a number of different water treatment companies before finding Edmonton Water Experts. I chose to work with them because they presented the most knowledge and truly seem dedicated to bringing quality results.” – Jason S.

    Edmonton Water Experts - Water Facts 2
    Water Facts

    We deal with water within our homes each and every day and yet can still be less than informed on the means in which it arrives in our homes, the state that it’s in and the means in which to lessen our overall monthly payments when it comes to this needed resource. In order to give you a little more information, we have a page of our website set aside specifically for information on your home water.

    Edmonton Water Experts - FAQ 2

    There are a number of common questions that we receive at Edmonton Water Experts and in order to ensure that you have the capability to obtain this information before making the call to our offices, we set aside space to provide you with the most common answers. We are dedicated to ensuring that you can move forward with your water treatment needs in confidence and provide you with a transparent and accurate look at our services.

    “I had previously had a reverse osmosis system installed by another company, which gave out in less than four months. I decided to reach out to Edmonton Water Experts this time and the installation that they provided has been going strong now for over a year. The investment was worth every dollar.” – Tim W.

    Call Us Today

    All it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our professionals and soon you will find yourself on the line with a knowledgeable water expert, ready to provide you with the range of services you need. Whether for an initial inspection of the water systems on your property or to buy water softener systems, choosing to either reach out to our professionals over the phone or turning to our website for further information will ensure that you get the results you’re looking for quickly, reliably and affordably.